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American Eagle Fiberglass Fabrications where Quality is the Combination of Design and Craftsmanship

American Eagle Fiberglass Fabrications manufacturers fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products. These include a wide range of applications such as aquaculture and aquaponics, chemical secondary containment, rainwater collection, waste water treatment, farm & ranch, landscaping. Our 20 years experience along with a dedicated staff, together with our modern facility & equipment means we deliver quality goods on time and on budget.

American Eagle Fiberglass Fabrications began manufacturing tanks for the aquaculture industry and continues to provide customers with high quality FRP products for Aquaculture. American Eagle offers a full line of tanks for use in aquaculture from hatchery to harvest. All of our standard aquaculture tanks are manufactured using premium materials. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including a smooth glossy interior gel coat surface and an exterior surface free of burs and sharp edges with an outer gel coat layer.

  • Design resources and a highly experienced fabrication team – we do our own mold work and offers design assistance for your products.
  • With the ability to offer manufacturers high volumes of repetitive parts for their products American Eagle will meet your manufacturing needs.

American Eagle Fab Installation